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October 12, 2011

I have been journaling ever since I could remember. My first diary was a small little pink thing with a lock on the side that my father bought me for Valentine’s Day when I was somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10 from Hallmark. I still have that diary actually.

Not until high school and college did I start what I call scrapbook journalling, and what other people call visual journalling, and now others are calling it creating a Smash Book. I mean, the idea just came organically I guess – the idea of adding other ephemera (pictures, ticket stubs, fliers, etc) to your writing. I save everything, so why not have a place to put it? I have movie tickets from American Beauty and Fight  Club. I have admission tickets to the Chicago Museum of Art and air shows from who knows when. And they just add to the whole aesthetic because, honestly, who likes to read/look at a page full of nothing but text? Not me;)

So, I was both surprised and impressed when I found this video about what a Smash Book was and how they’re being marketed and used.  I’ve been watching Traci Bunkers create her journals pages for what seems like ever and have always been so inspired, and now, Smash brings it home. I’m excited that Smash is introducing a new way of journalling to ‘the masses’ and perhaps I’ll start creating Smash(type) Books on my own (again!).

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