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Holiday Boot Camp – Week One, Day 6

September 28, 2011

It’s time to get started on those Goals don’t you think! Or at least, a few of them. Well, I’ll tell you where I’ve gotten, because it’s not very far!

  • Make listings for shipping upgrades sooner rather than later.

Well, this has become a bit of a conundrum. Though Etsy itself has advised us to do just this, and to add the option for a gift-wrap upgrade, it’s actually against Etsy TOU to do so.  So, my boot camp buddy and I are keeping our eyes on this post ( to see what becomes of it. Until then, guess we’ll have to stick to the old convo and invoice Express Mail option.

  • Set a SOLID ‘must place custom order by’ date and make it VERY visible. Learn to say ‘No’ when you have to.

Working on this. My boot camp buddy suggested making gift certs available after the cut-off date (hers last year was Thanksgiving). So, guess I need to use that Overnight Prints coupon sooner rather than later and design a print/e-certificate!

  • Order supplies ahead of time – including shipping supplies.

I’ve ordered leather and lamp kits and notebooks and paper and flasks. That’s good. Next on the list are clocks, snap buttons, and shipping supplies.

So, that’s that for now. I’m making leeway at least. How are you doing on getting ready for the holiday rush?!

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