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Work Space

September 26, 2011

I don’t have a studio. Well, not really. I work out of my dining room which also functions as our computer room, our library, our piano performance area, and homework center. You’ll hear me whine and cry about it a lot, but really,  I like being in the center of things, so having my ‘studio’ in the middle of our home (the dining room) ends up working ok for me in the end (except that I have to clean up every night in order to eat dinner at the table, which kindly sucks!).

But anyway, that’s my ‘studio’- where I cut leather, sew leather, bind books and glue books. But as my work slowly veers more and more toward hollow books (my heart will always be with book-binding, but hollow books sure are fun and versatile!) my so-called studio becomes less and less useful. Why? Well, because I can’t drill into my dining room table which is in its fourth generation. I can’t saw across it either. I can’t spray paint in the middle of the house, and I certainly can’t hammer away either. So, the more I’ve been thinking about the more I needed a permanent space to do all that I just said above. Previously I’d been working on our back patio on top of a piece of scrap plywood. I kid you not. The sight is pretty funny actually.

So, today the babe and I headed on over to Lowes (tired of waiting for a work bench to suddenly appear on Craigslist and/or Freecycle) and I bought 10 giant cinder blocks and a piece of thicker plywood to lay on top, and VOILA! work table.  After I ‘put the table together’ I started re-organizing some of the books that call the garage home for now to make room for the loads more coming in in preparation for this holiday season *fingers crossed for a good holiday season*. I have one whole shelf cleared and ready for more and two more book shelves off to the side ready and waiting. And now I have a space to work . . . that is, until the kids’ bikes and cars and coupes and basketballs and other outdoor toys all get brought in and I’m left to organize yet again . . .

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