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Holiday Boot Camp – Week One Day One

September 23, 2011

It IS that time of year! Even though it’s the end of September and if you’re like me you haven’t even BEGUN to think about your kids’ Halloween costume much less what to buy for CHRISTMAS, but that doesn’t mean my shop won’t be ready when the holiday rush comes in!

Last year was my first big holiday season on Etsy. I was listing books I didn’t even have done yet. I couldn’t keep up! My fingers were numb from sanding and gluing and my eyes were cross eyed from cutting, folding, and sewing! This year, I vow to stay caught up, and not let the holiday rush catch me off guard! And I have Etsy’s Holiday Boot Camp to help me!

Today was the first installment of Etsy’s Holiday Boot Camp.  In it you will find a pdf for a Holiday Season Budget and a Week One to do list. To keep myself on task- I’m going to attempt to document my Holiday Boot Camp goals and what not right here. I’ve also enlisted the help of a buddy (it’s on the to-do list) in Megan Martin from Spice of Life Designs, so we can check up on each other and give ourselves pats on the backs when we need it!

So, let’s get started! Week 1 to do list:

  • Read A Flying Start on Etsy’s Blog
  • Fill out the Holiday Budget Worksheet
  • Print out your Camp Calendar Stickers
  • Find a Holiday Boot Camp buddy
  • Share your personal holiday goals
  • Get familiar with Etsy’s Search Ads
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