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Sometimes, just sometimes, Life knocks you on your Arse

September 22, 2011

And that day, is most definitely, in all ways- today. Or maybe, every day this week, starting with last Thursday.

I know no one wants to hear you bitch about how your life sucks and is worse than every one else’s. I know that. We all have our crap that we put up with, we all have our drama. I’m not trying to take away from anyone else’s drama. Please, have all you like, because I, my dear, am simply over it. I’m throwing in the towel. I want nothing more to do with it, and that’s that.

But, of course, that will, in no way shape or form keep me from telling you (mostly) all about it. Let’s see. Where do I start? Well, last week started off well. I mean, I was reeling from a weekend in Chicago and playing a little bit of catch up on just about everything (sleep, QT with the fam, work, playtime, etc) and honestly, I was just slacking. I started packing up some orders to go out to local and not so local stores – stores that have been waiting for stock for quite some time since I held off until after Renegade to give it to them. So, it’s all sorted, nice and neat, consignment contracts signed and dated, inventory forms printed and filled out. And so I head into town with the little one and hubs in tow to drop off a small package  . . . only to find out that of the 12 books I’ve left at a great little store in town (that shall remain nameless for the sake of . . . well, the person there I actually respect) 2 have sold, and 2 have been stolen. Ugh. Yes, ugh. Now, in any other of the half-dozen or more (ok, more) stores that I sell my wares in theft has never been an issue *knock on wood* and even if it had, it’s in my CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT that the store covers the merch in the unfortunate case of theft. I knew going in, this is my own fault, that this store did not, in fact, cover the highly unfortunate case of theft, and so, I was left with the ultimate decision to pull my books from their shelves- which, was yet another unfortunate occurrence because honestly, I really enjoyed having my work there . . . for what it’s worth.

But, you know what. That’s not even the worst part. I mean, sure, getting TWO books stolen and TWO books sold out of TWELVE in a six month period is pretty disheartening, but what’s MORE disheartening was the owner’s response to the whole ordeal. She told me ‘theft happens, it’s just part of business’, to which I responded, ‘I realize this, but I’m a SMALL business and of ALL the stores I sell in, the  BRICK AND MORTAR cover the loss’ to which she responded ‘well, my insurance just wouldn’t cover that . . . I’ve had $100 books stolen in my store and I just have to deal with it,’ to which I responded, ‘well, I don’t.’  *shrug* It was just a sad thing. That’s all.

And then, as I’m leaving the store to meet up with the hubs and the babe who’ve been waiting over an hour to eat dinner with me, I’m told my car.has.broken.AGAIN. Seriously. SERIOUSLY! ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!!!!! The same effing light that came on . . . oh, 3 weeks after I initially bought the car (in MAY!) and then AGAIN at the beginning of Aug (a mere month ago) and now a THIRD TIME after it’s supposedly been FIXED both other times!! A light that tells you to STOP MOTOR! plain as day or else you’ll ruin your motor! Yeah, that light. Welcome to hell, I mean, Talia’s life.

So, those were the first two. Number three knocked me on my ass, and out the door and to my parents’ house actually for the past five days. That’s of course, a more personal ass knocking so I won’t bother you with those details, but, c’mon, one and two were pretty annoying on their own don’t ya think!?

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  1. September 22, 2011 2:54 pm

    ugh, sorry to hear about this! i’m really surprised the store owner doesn’t cover theft! i would think that would be included in the contract.

    hope things get better for you!

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