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Withstanding the Test of Time

September 6, 2011

In high school, and throughout college (and maybe even in junior high) you learn about literature that ‘withstands the test of time’. I’ve always remembered this phrase and today, I’m using it to refer to the friendships that we create along the way, while reading that literature. Today I’m introducing you to Lydia, my dear friend from as far back as I can remember, who has grown with me and beside me along the way in ways I can barely describe in words.

See, Lydia and I met in high school. We’re those kind of friends. The ones that are still close and still see each other on a weekly basis even though we’ve been separated by physical and mental states over the many years we’ve been lucky enough to call each other friends. Lydia introduced me to amazing poetry (e.e. cummings and Yusef Komunyakaa) inspiring music (ani difranco and Rusted Root) and in ways she can never know she taught me to stand up for what I believe in no matter the consequence. Later, in college, Lydia and her partner would rescue me after my first real break-up, forcing me from my dorm room on a daily basis and introducing me to what ‘real college life’ should be like.  We would then drift apart and back together over the years as she explored the west coast and Oregon and found her true Love (Oregon). She traveled from that true Love to stand with me at my wedding (far left) next to our little mixture of gal pals. Now, as adults, we’ve come to rest in the same places: Bloomington and motherhood. And having Lydia by my side as we take on these experiences side by side is amazing. We will continue to grow as friends, as mothers, as artists as the years continue to pass. Our children will grow up next to each other; Griffin and Harper will always be a part of each other’s lives, much as Lydia and I will. And I am forever thankful.

Lydia will be writing here occasionally at Conduit Press and touching on topics of journaling (of course), writing in general, art, creativity, and of course, motherhood. Welcome her!

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