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Once a Roommate, Always a Friend

August 30, 2011

Today I will introduce you to Nicole; a once college roommate and a forever friend who will be guest posting on Conduit Press to my excitement. So, where to begin? What would you like to know about Nicole? Well, I’ll start with what I know best, my Nicole.

Nicole and I had the pleasure (ha?) of living together our senior year in a basement apartment on campus. I say ha! because this was not our plan. We’d both intended on living alone, in single apartments in the complex, but alas, we either didn’t know enough people or we were way too far down on the list (we both believe the former because we’re both ‘C’s’ in the alphabet) and we got stuck together. And that’s the truth. We were stuck. We were friends, don’t get me wrong, but we had no desire to live with another. But, we sure did make the best of it!

What I remember most about that year living with Nicole is how clean our apartment would stay, how open she was to all my friends and family being there ALL THE TIME, the one night she came home a little worse for the wear and I saw more of her than I’d ever imagined I would and of course the morning she came home to a quite unclothed boy in my bed while I was away at work. Then there’s the OJ incident and our AMAZING senior party. The all nighters and the English classes we didn’t read for together. The books we didn’t even bother buying. Oh wait, that was me. I remember all the papers I read, afraid to share my own, with her crazy snarky tongue and her intelligent banter. It was a fun time. I’m so glad I didn’t live by myself that year because otherwise, I don’t think Nicole and I would be as close as we are now, no matter how far away.

Venice - Aug 2011

Since then Nicole has lived a life. A life I truly admire at that. Most recently Nicole has become a world traveler with her beautiful fiance Meg. Together they grace the world with their wit and wisdom and share it on Facebook for all to gawk at. Now I’ve asked Nicole to share those experiences (any many others) here, on Conduit Press’ blog because what better to journal about in a great handmade book than TRAVELING!

So, here you go world- meet Nicole. A great friend, a superb writer, and a traveler among travelers. You’ll learn more about her as she impresses you with her prose, and I’m sure you’ll be quite entertained, I always am!

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