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August 29, 2011

I’ve never been good at asking for help. My mother would likely object to this statement, as she’s always told me I’m a great ‘manager’ and I’m really good at ‘delegating’ tasks to other people that I don’t want to do (that’s saying it nicely). All of this is likely true. But when it comes to my work, I guess it’s all stuff I DO want to do, and thus, I’m bad at asking for help.

Instead I’ll stay up until 2, 3, 4 am to finish whatever it is I’m working on, all while the hubs plays Guitar Hero or DJ Hero or one of those ‘Hero’ games. I’m not blaming him, oh no, he does help (when I ask for it). It’s just, I don’t ask that often. Maybe because I have trust issues. Maybe it’s because I’m a control freak. Maybe it’s both.

Nonetheless Conduit Press is branching out and asking for help. First in the form of a Craft Marathon Day I (might) be holding Labor Day weekend to get Renegade stock complete, and second by asking a couple of friends of mine to co-author this old blog with me.

See, you might not know it, but running an online business as a stay at home mom is pretty  . . . crazy? It’s all the little things you don’t think about that have to be done. Sure, there’s the actual creation of product, which takes FOREVER and should take most of your time; but then there’s marketing (social, paid, etc), photography, blogging, listing, accounting, etc etc. Many of these of course overlap, but it’s still a lot to do. Somehow I still don’t think you get my point. Let me run you through the average life of ONE product in my store.

  1. First, there’s the creation process. This starts with a sketch, an idea, a scribble.
  2. Then there’s shopping for the supplies to create the item. This could take any number of trips from Hobby Store, to Craft Store, to Art Store to Hardware Store. Not to mention shopping online and waiting for shipping.
  3. Then sitting down and actually putting together something you’ve only thought of before, and all of the hiccups that go along with that (oh, I forgot to measure the corner of the book from here to here so I need this much more fabric and then the ribbon has to cover that, and oh, I didn’t think of that . . . and so on and so forth)
  4. Now it’s time to brand the item- create packaging or stamping it, depending on the item in question.
  5. After the item is created it’s time to photograph; lightbox, camera, time.
  6. Now, let’s edit.
  7. Now, let’s list.
  8. After listing we have to promote- so we Tweet, Flickr, and FB it in as many unobnoxious ways as possible.
  9. Now we sit back and wait for it to sell – in the meantime, we continue creating our brand, so we blog, tweet some more, and update FB every now and again. Engage your customers they say.
  10. Now, we’ve sold the item. So, we find the sold item, wrap it up. Find your business cards and whatever promotional items that go with it (which we’ve created in another step not listed here) and place it in an envelope. Print your shipping label. Go to post office.
  11. Done yet? Nope, not yet.
  12. Now, we email our customer to let them know their item is in the mail and do any follow up communication.
  13. Oh wait, talk about communication- in the middle of all of this, we’re still answering emails and conversations about possible custom work and then thinking about creating that work, shopping for that work, blogging, tweet, FB’ing, etc.
  14. Then we enter into our accounting software to take into account what we’ve sold, what we haven’t, what we’ve made, etc.
  15. And now, we’re done. Except, multiply that by 20 (or sometimes 50) because that’s how many items you have to make a day in order to make a living.
  16. **disclaimer, I’m not whining, merely pointing out the facts;)

So, yeah. Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be about me. It’s about these WONDERFUL LADIES who I have asked to help me out with the blog. And now that this post has gotten TERRIBLY long, I’ll introduce them in another post for another day (I know, I’m leaving you quite on the edge of your seat aren’t I).

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  1. August 29, 2011 3:40 pm

    Somehow it makes me feel better that you’re getting help with your blog, since I was feeling silly about doing the same with mine! Can’t wait to see who will be writing!!

  2. August 29, 2011 6:42 pm

    speaking of blogging, ugh, i really have to get back into it. i’m terrible about remembering.

  3. admin permalink*
    August 29, 2011 6:44 pm

    I kinda force myself to blog b/c it’s something I can easily do every day. ha! easily. that’s why I’m asking for guest bloggers because honestly, I don’t have that much interesting stuff to share;)

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