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Getting Ready for Renegade!

August 28, 2011

So, many of you know, and my little blog shows it over there on the right if you’re not reading this through a reader, that I’m desperately trying to get ready for Renegade these days. With two weeks to go, I’m nearly to where I think I should be;) Hard to tell, since I’ve not done the show before, but, there’s always your first time, right?

So, here’s what I have- ALL of my current inventory laid out on my dining room/work table. Today I sat down and counted it all up so I would have a better idea the work I have ahead of me for these next two weeks.

It doesn’t look like much really. I know. It’s sad, but it somehow all adds up to 65 hollow books and 115 leather works at about $6,500 retail.

So, my to do list:

  • 4 planters (already cut, just need rubberized and planted!)
  • 1 purse (already finished, just needs one snip of brown ribbon!)
  • 10 Kindle/Nooks (half of which are already glued and cut!)
  • 5 clocks
  • 50 refillable notebooks (which my dear friends will help me to create next weekend?!?!)
  • 20 flasks (some of which are already glued and cut!)
  • 5 hearts
  • 10 wallets (all of which are cut, just need embellishment and sewn!)

Not too bad right? I can get this done in two weeks?!? Right?!!?

Yes, yes I can. And so can you, if you have work to get finished before the big day. Us Indiana folks are going to take Renegade by storm I tell you!!

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