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Move In Day – Flashback

August 24, 2011

Twelve years ago today I moved into Collins LLC on the IU campus with the help of a few wonderful ladies who I’m remembering today because alas, this is the day that all the townies (and the ‘new’ townies) lock themselves inside and vow never to leave the house again because . . . .the college students are back!  (The picture above is not from that day, or that move in, but another one a few years later, but I couldn’t resist posting it. )

Twelve years ago. Really? Was my sophomore year in college THAT long ago? Yes, yes it was, and yes, I am that old. It seems just like yesterday that my parents and I pulled into the TINY pull-in spot to unload my ‘life’s work’ into Collins. I will always remember how early we got up that day, how I rushed them to drive faster, how we fought traffic and how happy I was to be living in Collins – the castle I had called it the year prior, envying all that got to hang out in the courtyard. When my mother saw the place she was just in awe of all the limestone and the turrets and I remember her saying right then and there how grandmother would have Loved this place. When we pulled in, almost immediately, the second I opened my car door, these two wonderful girls whom I’d never met before and who I would soon call life-long friends, came to our rescue and just started unloading and walking box upon box upon box up to the THIRD un-air-conditioned floor of Collins-Edmundson. One of them said to me, ‘Talia, I saw that name on the door and I knew you would just be so cool’ and I thought to myself, ‘wow, no one’s ever really said that about me before’ and then she followed with (and I know this is an odd thing to remember) ‘Ed 3, the best smelling floor in all of Collins’ and that just really stuck with me, I’m still not sure why.

That evening, long after my parents had left, my boxes were unloaded and my new roommate had moved in, I sat in my third floor window and watched the bonfire be built outside my window. I watched groups of people that already knew each other gather with their drums, their guitars, their sketchbooks and sometimes just themselves. Into the night I watched and then, at some point someone knocked on my door. And then, out I went into the night, forced to leave my little cubby and I’ll never forget that.


I’m remembering these girls, these women, right now because of move in day, but also because of that camaraderie that we created as a group of friends in the years that followed. I was never without one of these girls. And still to this day I call of these girls my dearest and closest friends, even if some live far away, and some just down the street, others even though I might not have spoken to them in years, are still close to my heart. I’ll always remember . . . Nicole the responsible one who lived down the hall with the cool room painted with handprints of most everyone on Ed 3, Cass who always managed to live right next door for film conversation and late night study sessions, Fizzah the artist who would later help to design and create the wedding band I wear on my finger, Brooke the cutie pie who often called me her wife and I called her my best friend, and then, later that same year when I locked myself in that 12×12 dorm room Lydia and Thea who rescued me, forcing me out into the world, the writer and the socialite, both who stood up with me at my wedding. These girls have helped make me into who I am, and I will never forget that.

But we all move on, and we all have groups of friends that shape our lives. In high school it was a different group. Then college. Then your early twenties. And now, yikes, my thirties. The women who are shaping my life these days I’m about to go meet with, and I just can’t wait.

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