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Do that many people write?

August 23, 2011

Yes, this is the question my darling mother asked me whilst I was in the middle of tearing, folding, and punching paper/pages for 23 leather journals at her house last week. Likely, had it been anyone else I know that had asked that question I would have lost it. But, my mother honestly means well, so I didn’t. I just sort of looked at her and nodded, holding the anger for the defense of my livelihood inside. Her response to that was simply, ‘yeah, I used to write, I can see that,’ and she left it at that.

And she did. She used to write. I remember when I was in high school and just starting to write more than to do lists and silly rhymey timey poems I found my mother’s large scrapbook filled with poetry and images from when she and my father were courting (she 17, he 21). I fell in Love with my mother all over again in those words, with those images, even though my parents had long divorced at that point in my life. I had no delusional notions of the two of them ever getting back together, and yet I Loved reading her silly Lovey dovey words, her grandiose words that spoke of Love and forever.  And she filled up a large 12×12 scrapbook with these words and images. It  was amazing and i Loved it.

And so now I say, wouldn’t you rather fill up one of these, handmade with Love out of gorgeous soft recycled leather and thick drawing paper? Wouldn’t you? I would.

Bare Tree on Red

Because, yes, that many people do still write. Or at least, I sure as heck hope so.

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