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Bound – Book Art Show at the Harrison Center

August 9, 2011

my work

Many moons ago I was approached (here on my very blog) to be part of the Bound – Book Art Group Show at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis. I’d read about a similar show (if not the same one) (I believe) last year from a fellow book artists blog (I can no longer find the link) and thought then and there that I *really* wanted to be a part of it! But, I don’t make artists’ books. At least, not on a regular basis. Fast forward to now – they showed two of my hollow books in the show and a dear {new} friend and I traveled north to partake in the festivities.

And boy were the festivities! Let me just take this moment now to admit to this terrible fact that I’ve never attended a First Friday even- not in Indianapolis (I was once part of a show in a gallery green space once) and not in Bloomington (we tend to go to Wonderlab for First Fridays with the family) and really, it’s SUCH a sad sad thing because OMIGOODNESS!! Seriously though. When Jessica and I walked in the back doors of the HCA we saw a small table with cut cheese, crackers, grapes and peanuts. And juice. We were like “SWEET’ b/c we were starving and needed a little snack before we were heading out for dinner and drinks after the show. Little did we know!! My friend Emily showed up and escorted us to the Galleries where our books were (Emily and I) and I’m pretty sure both J and I gravitated right to the LARGE table covered in decadent fruit and pasta salads before we even got to the books! I know, sad! But, again, seriously, (I’ll get to the art in a minute) there was an amazing spread of fresh veggies and hummus, colorful tiers of strawberries, cut plums, bing cherries and melons, large boats of pasta salad and a chicken salad that was to DIE FOR, AND brownies with toffee bits. Dinner? This WAS dinner.
wish upon a straw (wrapper)Finally, after filling our tummies, we made it to the amazing book art- sitting upon pedestals just begging to be touched! But, but, but, you can’t touch ART! But, oh yes, people did touch these books, and I’m still confused as to whether that was ok or not. Nonetheless, we got to see Emily’s adorable little ‘wish upon a straw (wrapper)’ made from gorgeous creamy white handmade paper and bound with, you guessed it, a straw wrapper! Ain’t she so clever! i Love the printing inside, though, I will admit, I did not leaf through the pages b/c I’m still a newbie at this art gallery thing and I didn’t want to really touch anything. Admire from afar people, admire from afar.

Then there was the great book made from an old film canister, that had to be my favorite, maybe . . . next to the super cool installation/art piece of the city of Dublin, made of paper mind you! Something you don’t see very often was the great pop-up/pull tab book entitled “Lawrence the Dragon” with hand written text and watercolor illustration. Also, on loan from the Herron School of Art, there were artists’ books under glass that were so intricate and so impressive.

Film DublinPop-Up Dragon

And, of course, the slideshow!

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  1. August 10, 2011 8:25 am

    First Friday food and peanut butter sandwiches are how I survived college 🙂

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