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i ♥ finger paints

August 7, 2011

No, really, I’m not kidding. See, my best friend Tori bought Griffin his first set of finger paints for his birthday (which was last weekend) and we just got them out this weekend because, well, that’s the way things go in this house;) The hubs and the older kids have been out of the house partaking in some geeky Gen Con goodness, so that left Griffin and I to our own devices. First we played, cars, then animal noises, then t-ball and basketball and then I brought out the big guns.

If of course helped that it’s also Griffin’s Papi’s birthday this weekend, so we put the mess to good use!

He really enjoyed it actually, once I gave him a brush! I know, blasphemy, but everytime I put the paint on his finger he would paint a little, then eat it (I realize now he thought it ketchup) then make a nasty face because my guess is that even though they are non-toxic, they dont’ taste very good. If they did, I’m sure kids would just continue eating them! So, I got out the brush to help with writing letters and he took over. And he LOVED IT!

my little masterpiece

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  1. Kathleen VintageEye permalink
    August 7, 2011 1:34 pm

    Look who’s a big dude! 🙂

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