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Made in Indiana

August 3, 2011

This month I’m honored to be featured next to a handful of great Indiana artists in the August issue of Indianapolis Monthly. The issue is all about ‘Made in Indiana’ and Conduit Press is sitting next to great artists like Geoff Davis from 50 Little Birds and Goat Milk Stuff! (as seen on NBC’s Today!)  We are featured in the HOME section of Made in Indiana along with Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese from Twisted Limb Paperworks right here in Bloomington!! It’s always fun and exciting to see yourself in print, and even more fun when the write-up about you is as quirky and hip as you think you are yourself;)

Conduit Press

IU Grad Talia Halliday majored in English with hopes of becoming a writer. Nine years later, she spends her time scouring old bookstores, library discard shelves, and rummage sales for the prettiest vintage books- all for the purpose of carving out their pages. A book-arts class prompted Halliday to create her hollow book safes, perfect for stowing everything from your iPod (inside a vintage encyclopedia) to your lipstick and credit cards (hidden in a Service Hymnal lined with a sweet-meets-sexy flower fabric). Her work sometimes even plays on words, with the pages of self-help books being cut to fit an included flask.

If you haven’t checked out Indianapolis Monthly before, well, you should. It’s a great monthly mag that has tons of great local information and features! This month the specialty is FOOD WE HATE TO LOVE – and who wants to miss that, really?

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