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Lino and Cards: Tutorial

July 29, 2011

I’ve never written a tutorial before. The thought of taking pictures during my creative process is. . . . well, frightening honestly. But, I felt brave today and decided to document this little card-making session. Start easy and work from there right? Hope you enjoy!

Here’s what you will need:

:: card stock or pre-made cards (whatever you’re wanting to print on)

:: Speedball ink

:: Speedball Roller

:: small square piece of lino

:: lino cutting tools (these usually come in a pack of 5 with various pointy edges)

:: piece of glass (picture frame glass will do just fine)

  1. What you’ll want to do first is to carve your design out of the piece of lino you’ve purchased. You can purchase many different sizes of lino- I cut 4×4 squares out of a larger piece that I bought at a craft store and then adhered these to a 2×4.  When carving BE CAREFUL! (When I first started block printing I started with wood and nearly cut my thumb off. Always keep your non-cutting fingers BEHIND whichever direction you’re cutting- and ALWAYS cut/carve AWAY from your body. Before I start carving I always draw my design on the lino first, and then decide which part of the design I want to print: negative or positive. Then carve away. Remember, it’s nice to leave little tidbits of the background b/c it sort of shows it’s a linocut and not just a stamp.
  2. Now, once you’ve created your lino it’s time for the fun part! On your piece of glass (I use a picture frame glass) squirt out some of your desired paint- mix as you will and roll out with the roller. Make sure you get enough on your roller and apply to your lino liberally.
  3. Now it’s time to press/print your design. You can either use it like a stamp and carefully press it on top of your card/paper/medium of choice. Or you can place your card/paper/medium of choice on top of your lino. I do a little bit of both. I first stamp the lino onto the card and then very carefully turn both the card and lino block upside down and make sure all of my details are carried over in the print by pressing down with my fingers.
  4. And Voila! There you have it! Your lino block and your print!

Here are the cards I made today during the babe’s nap. I generally include one with each order I ship out from Etsy and sell them at shows for a lower priced item.
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