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Birthdays and Family Time

July 28, 2011

This past week/weekend the babe and I spent a few days at my folks having my dad build a new display shelf for ye olde books and celebrating my little brother’s 10th birthday. Yes, I have a little brother who has just turned 10 and a (step)son who also turned 10 in May. (To make it even more fun my step-dad is one year younger than my husband.) Our lives are fun and interesting for sure! Anyway, the little brother’s birthday is always a blast at my parents’ house as the whole family comes out on a hot July evening, we set up the pool and round up the water balloons. Above you can see them playing the traditional water balloon circle game where essentially they play catch with a water balloon until it pops! Oh, the little things.

What’s the most fun about birthdays is getting to see the little ones grow up – together. Pictured above is my little one (who turns TWO this Friday!) and his cousin, my niece, who turns two in December. Oh babes in diapers!

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