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Introducing: the New Conduit Press Baby Book

July 26, 2011

I’ve been mulling over baby books and the creation of new ones for quite some time now. My first designs were hugely popular and I sold them quite successfully both online and in stores, however, they were highly labor intensive and I (being brutally honest) I was making no money from them. Not only that, and this is most important to me right now at this very moment, they didn’t really fit into my ‘aesthetic’ or the one I’m so desperately trying to create here at Conduit Press. So, I’ve moved on to greener pastures and started thinking about ways to continue making baby books (because, c’mon, we need quality handmade baby books and there just aren’t many out there) but making them in a more economic and earth friendly way.

So, here it is!! The front cover is from a reclaimed children’s book entitled ABC by Alison Jay. I found it in the discard bin at my local library and fell in Love immediately (as did my almost 2 year old!). The spine was broken and the book was in shambles, but once the boards were cut apart to reveal single boards you can’t tell at all that it was previously headed to the dumpster! (Don’t worry, I’ve now ordered another used copy for the little one b/c I’ve now cut up one of his favorite books- bad mommy!). The back cover is created from recycled book board- sturdy and earth friendly. The wire coil bindings are taken from discarded/used sketchbook pads that I use for my leather books. The inside paper is printed at a local print shop with all the great information you need for a baby book on heavyweight laser paper. So much fun!!

Just like my first editions, these books feature two sets of envelopes for letters from mommy and daddy and to hold in your wee one’s first hair from the first hair cut and their first lost tooth. There’s plenty of room for additional photographs as well. Recording up to age 6!

So, yes, here they are. My new baby books. I have 11 created so far (A is for Apple, B is for Balloon, C is for Cow, E is for Elephant, I is for Ice Cream, M is for Moon, O is for Owl, P is for Panda R is for Rabbit, W is for Whale). Why did I choose the letters I did? I’m so glad you asked, well, because the most popular baby names begin with these letters- or rather, these are the most popular letters;)

Want to see more? Don’t see your baby’s initial? Just shoot me a comment! Tell me what you think!

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