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Craft Show Set-Up Redux (Part I)

July 13, 2011

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a doctor, like I’m on call for my job 24-7 and never get to rest, and sometimes that’s true. I mean, I am a mother to an almost two year old after all. But, I mean with my Conduit Press job. I just can’t stop thinking about work. All the time. Whether I’m in line at the grocery store trying to be checked out by the pimply faced teenager who can’t sell me rum without running to the manager to check my ID or when I’m sitting on the sofa watching iCarly (with the kids of course) and waiting for 9:00pm  to come so I can catch up on episodes of Criminal Minds. I just can’t stop. And usually, what I’m thinking about, is how to better my set-up at craft shows.

So . . . here are a few things that are always running through my mind, and maybe yours, when setting up for a show:

  • use of vertical space
  • use of floor space
  • leaving enough floor space for customers to comfortably walk
  • container issues – having to sift through containers, bowls, boxes to find the perfect one
  • overstocking  / understocking / refilling
  • color
  • cohesion / unity
  • composition and the rule of 3’s
  • stability (shelves and other storage units appearing to be or being stable)
  • signage
  • photographic representation
  • advertising (business cards, post cards, fliers, etc)
  • table coverings


I started this blog entry when the babe went down for his nap this morning. Since then I’ve cleaned house, gone shopping, made dinner, packaged sold items and listed new ones and I’ve completely lost my train of thought. So, stay-tuned for a Part II wherein I tackle the bullet points above. If you’d like to add any, please do!

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  1. July 13, 2011 11:44 pm

    ugggh i’ve had this problem recently! i’m running out of room with my traditional set-up. and while moving and buying new stuff at target, all i could think about was table set-up and renegade!

    • admin permalink*
      July 14, 2011 12:19 pm

      yeah- it’s really all I think about 24/7 anymore. It’s pathetic;) You might want to think about expanding UP if you’re running out of table room? Think about creating hanging large pinboards to hang from your tent wall that you can hang some of your pieces up on- that gets them off the table and onto a wall, where people will likely house them when they buy them anyway. Then less people touch and feel them and they look great. Just an idea;)

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