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A Fair of the Arts

July 11, 2011

This past weekend was July’s A Fair of the Arts in Bloomington. It’s held in conjunction with the Bloomington Farmer’s Market on the second Saturday of every month from May-October and this was my first time being able to make the show. Last year I was able to visit my friend Sally at her booth in October, but it was rainy and many other artists had chosen not to come, so it  wasn’t a great representation of what the Farmer’s Market or the Fair of the Arts is really about. However, this past weekend, for the July Market, it was the perfect representation!

The weather was amazing!  For July;) Sure, it was hot, but not sweltering. We weren’t under a heat advisory (like we are today) for one thing. I set up in the morning before the heat even rolled in, which was amazing. And it’s just a beautiful little venue! I mean, look at that brick walkway I’m on?!  (Next time I’ll put my walls up to take a better booth pic and likely use it for future craft fair apps- what do you think?).

So, even though it wasn’t a monetarily successful show for me (I can count the number of sales and my profit on one hand) I had a wonderful relaxing day that I wouldn’t take back. And, I had the best comment about my work that I’ve just about ever received:

You know, sometimes there’s just art that makes you want to cry, and when I look at your art, that’s how I feel . . .

She was so sincere and so honest and so . . . amazing. I always have trouble even considering what I do as art, so when someone says something like that to me . . . well, it just blows me away. So, she made my day. My weekend even.

Afterward a dear old friend came to help me pack up which is always a blessing. We decided to head over the Feast Bakery Cafe to partake in some libations and snackage after packing up in the heat. Said friend has moved out of Bloomington and tends to visit the same old places when in town so I wanted to introduce her to something new- and of course, go to a place where we can’t take the babe! We drive past Feast nearly daily and just recently I’d noticed a sign announcing Tapas, so I was excited! Once there we actually passed on the tapas and the amazing BLT and chose to share a tamale plate which is their specialty. We ordered the cheddar chorizo tamale and boy was it AMAZING! It also came with crema, guac, and salsa and it was ALL so amazing- maybe it was that I had had a bagel all day or it was just the good company of old friends- or maybe it was just that good!

So, all in all we had a great weekend. How about you?!

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