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Ribbon X-plosion {Link Love}

June 19, 2011

Photo Credit: Cathe Holden

I have been fighting with ribbon for what feels like forever. Basically, I’ve just given up. I throw all my ribbon in the so-called organizer and deal with pulling out the round I need when I need it and then throw it back in the ‘organizer’ when I’m through- thus creating even more of a mess and never knowing how much I really have. But, today, today I may have very well found the answer!

I haven’t been catching up on my Google-Reader in a while, so I was scrolling through old entries that I should have read long ago and I came across this great idea (one of many) from Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made. Sure, it might take another forever to get the thing made and find a place for me to hang it, but by goodness I see LIGHT at the end of the ribbon-lined tunnel, and that means something;)

Just wanted to share.

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