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Weekend Re-Cap

May 10, 2011

This weekend. Where to really begin . . . I’ll recap in photos as the words might just get in the way this time.

Started the trip right at naptime- luckily. Stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes trying to leave B-ton graduation weekend.  Heading to Handmade Promenade on the Ave.

Before I arrived downtown to set-up, I had to drop the baby off with a dear friend who kept him for the evening. These are the photos she sent me throughout the night to keep me sane (Griffin’s never been left with anyone but family, and even that, few and far between).

I spent the evening manning my booth in cahoots with my new friend Elizabeth. Listening to music from all over Mass Ave and people watching. It’s always fun to hang with the HP vendors, especially Emily from brainchild designs, martha from Sunday Afternoon Housewife, and Shan from Green Illuminations.

Packed up and ready to go, Griffin and I made our way north to spent the night with my parents, where he was to stay for Saturday while mama made her way to Cincinnati for crafty supermarket.

well-organized. friendly and super helpful volunteers. great dj and fun crowd. i may not have sold much, but i certainly had a fun time, and was able to try out my new ‘colorful’ table coverings;) (what do you think?)

After about 3 hours of sleep the night before and a 7 hour show, I wasn’t looking forward to the drive home, but, I was reminded on my trip that my grandmother was from/born in Rushville, and so driving through I found a bit of solace (though,I wish I’d taken more pictures).

My parents also sent me photos of the babe to insure me he was quite ok in their care. (sometimes I have my doubts;)). Finally home around 10pm on Saturday night (home being my parents’ house at this point) the babe and I crashed hard in each other’s arms and woke up the next morning to Mother’s Day. I purchased a great lino cut block print from the diggingest girl for my own Mom’s Day gift and a great pair of earrings from Courtney Fischer for my momma.

Mother’s Day was filled with food and park fun- but the end of the night ended with my ‘new’ car dying on the side of the road. Long tired sad story there, but we were ‘stuck’ at my parent’s house for another day, so we stayed home with my little brother and played most of the day.

We were towed home last night, arriving just before midnight. Griffin (and I) are super happy to be home, and super busy for the next week in preparation for the Eco-Chic Columbus Craftacular.

Today though- we’ve spent our day reading books and Loving being home.

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