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Ribbon Organ-astophe

May 5, 2011

I have NEVER been able to properly store my ribbon. Ever. No matter what I do, in the end, it always ends up in a crazy mixed-up mess and when I need a specific color I end up having to take the whole spool of spools of ribbon out to fix it. What’s wrong with me?

See, this is actually quite organized. Right now. I bought this handy dandy ribbon organizer (at Michaels) awhile back, thinking it would fix all of my problems. Prior to this I had ribbon dangling from a hanger ‘spool’ which worked . . . ok, but really in the end had the same problems that this does, which is, there’s nothing to stop them from continuously unwinding!

I did figure out a relative solution at one point; use painter’s tape to secure the end of your ribbon to the outside of the box, then they won’t get all tangled up inside and lost, etc. But, I don’t know, I didn’t like doing that. I figured I paid for this contraption, it should do its job without me having to rig it up to do so. So, maybe I’m using it wrong? There were no directions when I purchased it. Anyone else have this ribbon storage problem or am I the only one wrapping myself in silk and grosgrain until I want to scream?


What’s funny is now if I do a search for the product I have, I can’t find one anywhere, all the newer ‘models’ have rods that are (I imagine) supposed to keep the ribbon in place on the dowel…how interesting.

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