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April 29, 2011

Clearly I’m not meant to get any work done today. My sewing machine just hates me. Must have the worst disgust for me, or is desperately in need of a vacation. Sounds familiar.

I have about 20 (give or take) small refillable leather journals that I was planning on finishing during the babe’s naptime this afternoon, but my machine thinks otherwise. Last night I had sat down and planned to finish at least half. I finished 5. Yup. 5. So, today it was onto the rest, and first it didn’t want to sew on the moustache (onto the cover of the journal) and this time it didn’t want to sew together the fold-overs. So, I’ve given up for now. Or, I’m going to throw it out the window. My patience is wearing thin.

So, I thought, well, I’ll pack the car then. I have a show in the morning: Encores Handmade Fair and I still need to pack for it. It’s going to be a one table show so I only need one smaller container plus the table a few shelving units. The table  and shelves are already in the car, so I figured I could pack up the merch I was planning on taking. Except the container is in the van. The van is with my husband. My husband is at work. So..nope. So, where does that leave me? Here blogging about not getting anything done I guess.

Check out the Handmade Fair though if you’re local, remotely local, in the neighborhood, or just looking for something to do;)

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