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It's Raining It's Pouring – Record Store Day is NOT Snoring

April 18, 2011

Handmade Promenade at Record Store Day at Luna Music Midtown in South Broad Ripple – Indianapolis.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much (in sales) from the Handmade Promenade this past weekend- except for fun times to hang out with friends and listen to some good music. That’s not because it’s not a good show- oh no. I just have some low self-esteem right now when it comes to my work and luckily, those fine people at the HP helped me to raise it right back up, almost to where it needs to be.

See, Martha Latta of Sunday Afternoon Housewife runs a good show. She finds all these great local happenings in and around the Indianapolis area and she props up shop right along with them- promoting local businesses as well as local artists and crafters. It’s pretty rad actually.

Handmade Promenade began last year at Record Store Day at Luna Music actually, so we’re here celebrating their one year anniversary! Aside from Luna, Martha has set up shop along side the Farmer’s Market outside of Shapiro’s Deli (my first HP) the Indianapolis Art Center, and Pure Eatery. Next for HP is the Avenue– which is a show on the famous First Friday on Mass Ave. This event is being held on Mass Ave in the green space next to the Dean Johnson Gallery at 646 Mass Ave. I’ll be there with 15 other vendors in the grassy knoll selling our wares on a Friday night in Indy. I can’t wait.

But, enough about the future, let’s talk a bit about the past. I’ve never been to a Record Store Day and if I’m honest, (sadly) I’m not enough of a music person anymore to even know what’s going on usually. When I showed up at Luna at 9am (which opened at 10a) there was already a line of devoted music listeners at the door. Impressive. It wasn’t raining, yet, so I was in a bit of a rush to get set up so I could hide under the protection of my tent the rest of the day. And, well, that’s basically what I did. My friend Jake showed up not too long after I did and helped to unload the rest of my stuff and by 10 we were nearly all the way set up with all three walls on the tent down thanks to drizzly rain that settled in over us. Rain + books does not a good equation make. I hate having my tent walls up because it really cuts you off from the rest of the crafters around you. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. And, I was able to be entertained the entire afternoon because there was an awesome DJ set up right in front of me, which was nice. Even if I couldn’t see my fellow artists, I could see him;)

That was probably the best part of the day actually; watching a dad, his friend and three toddlers dancing to the music, and eventually to the song ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time’ which just made me miss my family. I tried to take a video, but the crowd was so large at that point I got a three second video of everyone’s backs.

But it was a good day, despite the rain. I’ve learned a few things (ALWAYS line up a friend for unload and load in and try to wear shoes and socks (instead of flip-flops) when the weather channel says it’s going to be 40 and rainy). I made a few new friends (a great gentleman from Rocky Ripple, a cute student/hip-hop artist named Michael who’s my newest Twitter follower, and Sara B from Sara B Metalsmithing. I was able to buy some new soap from Misty from Curat and I spent the early afternoon with a friend I hadn’t seen since I was newly pregnant (babe is now nearly 21 months). I sold a clutch, from my newest line, and that makes me happy- knowing someone likes what I make enough to carry it around for a special occasion that it calls for. And I got to spend the night with a dear friend watching bad movies, eating fiery hot Cheetos and drinking vinegar. All in all, it was a great day, even if I left drenched and red faced, I came out ahead!


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