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Derivation – Unity, Style, & Cohesion (part 1)

April 17, 2011

I’ve always had a problem with style. With cohesion, and, well, unity. I’m a hodge podge of ideas and I never can reconcile most of them. I’ve always been that way. I can remember years ago in undergrad, going to some ‘party’ with a bunch of my ‘gamer’ friends (I was/am not the gamer- in fact, i hate games, but I always managed to date (and subsequently marry) those of the gamer variety) and a girl there (yes, there were girls, I wasn’t the only one) told me I was a ‘hippie goth’ b/c I was running around barefoot (I Love being barefoot) but was wearing a black skirt, black shirt and sporting dyed black hair and most likely wearing black lipstick at the time. I really paused on her calling me that for some reason, I guess, because I’ve never really fit into any ‘style’ or subdivision or clique of people.

In high school I was a nerd, but not the glasses, plaid skirt wearing, nose in book (Rachel Berry) kind of nerd. I was just. Smart. I guess. Anyway, I had friends from relatively all levels of the high school mean girl hierarchy. In college it was the same way. I roomed with a few choice sorority girls. I lived in what is considered here at IU to be the hippie/green/granola/subculture galore dorm. I Loved it. I had friends in the Business School, friends from the library program, friends in music and liberal arts and even, *gasp* relative ‘jock’ friends. I’ve always pooled from a large group. I’ve never walled myself in. And, really, I’ve always been grateful for that. I’m happy that I’ve been able to experience all these things with all these people. And subsequently, they’ve helped turn me into who I am- a mod podge of style and taste. And thus, I feel like my work has no cohesion.

And it’s always been an issue for me. I want that cohesion, desperately- I want to portray a specific style- MY style, but, sometimes, days like today, I find it increasingly hard because I feel like . . . I just like so much and am inspired by everything . . . and everyone.

———————————— to be cont. ——————————————

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  1. April 17, 2011 2:13 pm

    It’s kind of interesting to get to know the past you since I only know the current you. And I think that your work has lots of cohesion to it and have never thought that it’s a bunch of hodge podge stuff. I think it all works together well and your stuff is just great! 🙂

    P.S. Great post by the way. I’m a little behind on my blog posting from the e-course. I need to get on that. It’s my goal for next week…but I’m going to be really busy the next couple of weeks getting ready for shows…and a little classe I have to teach at BloomingMoms the same week as the consignment sale. Luckily I’m hoping that what I make for the class I will be able to sell too.


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