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Tuesday Temptations

April 12, 2011

I’m back! Well, I’m trying to be anyway, and so I’m starting back with my regular Tuesday Temptations and Wednesday Wants and Friday Features and then we’ll go from there;) Happy to see you!

Today I’m sharing a little sneak of what I’ve been working on. Ok, it’s kind of a big sneak of a few little things. In fact, these little things kinda broke my sewing machine for the moment, so they better be worth it!

Since my last show at the beginning of April the only thing I’ve been working on are these small refillable leather journals. They were a hit at the last show and before that everyone would always come up to my booth and asked me if I had any refillable books. At first I looked at them like they were crazy because, umm, journals aren’t refillable, and then I realized, they should/can be. So, I started making these small ones and a few larger ones as well. I completely understand why people want/asked for them and I’m not sure why it took me so long to start creating them, but now they’re an obsession! I Love being able to spend all of my creative time figuring out how to embellish the leather to wrap around these small notebooks rather than scoring, tearing, folding, sewing paper into one time use leather journals. Now now, don’t get me wrong, i LOVE making bound journals as well, they just take more of my time and thus I have less of them to expend. These little babies are . . . well, just that- little, and thus, take up a little less time and, like I said, I can spend more time figuring out what to sew onto the cover to make it cool and hip and young (haha, i just went crazy with the silly  adjectives there). So, yes, these are what I have to share!

And where can you find them? Well, this weekend I’ll be at the Handmade Promenade for Record Store Day at Luna Music Midtown in Indianapolis, IN from 11-6 (at least). Luna Music is located at 52nd and College in what I’m told is referred to as SoBro (South Broadripple). Oh yeah! So, if you’re local, you should come on out and take part in supporting local record stores AND your local crafters!!

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