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Over-Saturating the Market?

April 8, 2011

I’ve been a little busy lately. Well, just a wee bit. I feel like I’ve been sending books here and there and then listing new ones on Etsy and then with the Handmade Market last weekend, I’m just pooped. So, this week, it’s really been all about this, and only this. Which is good.

And then, I realize the world doesn’t stop for me. Graduation is around the corner for IU students in this neck of the woods and what that means for me is that if I want my product seen in stores around town- I need to do it NOW. So, I did. I packed up some books and delivered them to be displayed at two local stores in town: The Book Corner and FARMbloomington. Farm has been carrying my books for over a year now (they were the first actually) and The Book Corner just started today. It’s an exciting venture really. To have your work in local stores is just . . . well, it’s icing. What’s great is that while I was in the store setting up my little shelf a customer came in and started looking and he recognized my work from a past show that I had done winter before last (WAY back in 2009!) and that was just . . . well- amazing! I had thought that show had been a total bust, and yet here was someone who remembered ME and my work this long afterward. Surreal sometimes.

Anyway- I sell my work at a few local stores actually- these two, plus The Green Nursery (baby books) and Paper Crane Gallery and Studio (all kinds of books). And, I worry. I worry that I’m over-saturating the market-my town. I don’t want to become annoying. Like, every store you walk into you’re going to see MY stuff IN YOUR FACE. I don’t want to be obnoxious. I mean, I guess what I have going for me right now is that each of the stores I sell my books in 1) each sell a different portion of what I make and 2) each attract a very different demographic. I don’t know.

I also fear that I’m stretching myself too thin. I was listing the stores I sell my books in here the other day and when I had them all written down I was a little taken aback. How do I keep up? How do I keep track? How do I control anything?

Anyway- those are my worries for the moment- which is why I’ve been spending most of my time outside with the boy instead of inside working on new work because . . . it’s kinda stressing me out right now.

So, here’s to a rainy weekend full of getting shite done;)

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