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Color Theory

March 1, 2011

I’ve never been a colorful person. I mean, if you know me, you know this one thing about me. Heck, even if you don’t know me and have just seen me around, you know this about me.  But, mostly that just means I don’t particularly enjoy *wearing* color.

I went to get new glasses the other day and I had to *gasp* pick out new frames. My least favorite part of this ordeal. Once I finally find a pair of glasses I generally want to live in them forever, but after about 3 or 4 years the coating starts to peel off and I can no longer clean said glasses and that means, yup, it’s time for another eye appt. So, like I was saying, went to get new glasses the other day. I realized while looking at ‘hip’ plastic glasses that this is one instance where I want color.

See, this saleswoman kept handing me brown, tortoise shell, and black glasses to try on. And I realize, yes, I’m wearing all black, I have no color on my person, but that doesn’t mean I want boring black glasses too. See, my current/old glasses were a nice pair of purplish/mauvish squarish Prada glasses with three tiny fake diamonds/bling on the side. They were perfect. This cute little optometry student at the IU Optometry School helped me pick them out while I was blinded by dilation. I was not so luck this time- instead I had a shortish heavyish middle-agedish blond from Lens Crafters breathing down my neck and handing me ugly glasses.

Finally, I said to her, ‘See, I don’t wear a lot of color in my life, so I kinda like my accessories to have color,’ and then, finally, she started handing me bright blue, purple, and pink glasses and I was like, ‘geez lady, take a hint much?’. Anywho- I ended up leaving with a cute pair of almost hot pink more round less square almost cat-eyeish glasses for this go round and I’ve completely lost my train of thought of why I started this entry in the first place . . . .

oh . . . . right . . . . C     O L O R

So, when it comes to business I KNOW better than to stay monochromatic, but I can’t help myself. Meaning- when I design business cards, banners, postcards (anything print or even web-based) all the way down to my booth space I can’t seem to bring in the color. I try. I really do. But I don’t know how to do it.

Spring Bloomington Handmade Market 2010My first booth display was simple- gray table cloth – white shelves. Eventually I moved on to clear display tubs. Nice. Very hospital-like now that I think back about it.

Then, I moved onto an earthy/natural feel- kinda what I thought would match my products. I bought natural wood serving trays and crates and covered my table in beige and brown. GAG ME!

Irvington Walk in the Park Art Fair 2010Finally, I moved onto an earthy red-orange table covering, added different shades of browns into my displays; real wooden shelving and celtic fabric covering non-natural surfaces.

And now I’m here. Feeling like I still need to make a change. That it’s not enough color. I know I NEED color, but I feel like color is a big choice. It’s an important decision that could live with you for the rest of your life. Make or break you.  I read this article about how colors affect purchase and it threw me for a loop. Not that I didn’t KNOW all that, it’s just, for whatever reason I hadn’t thought about it in respect to my own business.

And now, I’m thinking about it too much perhaps. Like if I put red in my banner maybe that’s too sexy or aggressive and I’m attracting the wrong type of buyer (it evidently denotes CLEARANCE SALE). I’d really like to use purple because it is used to soothe and calm, but a) it’s used for bath and body and anti-aging products and b) not a big purple fan here.  Green maybe it for me. I’ve always been a green girl, but honestly, there are some ugly greens out there. But, it’s associated with the wealthy and is used to ‘relax  in stores’ – whatever that means.  Then, I get to thinking about who I want to appeal to; the impulse shoppers, the shoppers on a budget, or traditional buyers? Where do handmade goods/art fall into this little triad?!?!?

And then, I sit back, and completely understand why I’ve been monochromatic or maybe the better word is simply grayscale or black and white my entire life. I don’t want to be labeled . . . pigeon-holed . . . type-cast by the colors I choose . . . so, I don’t choose any.

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