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What's Country Now?

February 15, 2011

Just before Christmas I was contacted by someone on the Country Living staff about a possible feature in their March issue. I was OVER THE MOON. Seriously, over the moon. It seemed funny at the time that I was getting wholesale orders from Kat Von D (of L.A. Ink fame) for her Wonderland Gallery and at the same time being considered for a feature in Country Living magazine. It was laughable, but AWESOME. But, also the word ‘possible’ kept creeping up on me.

This was early December. Then, late December came, having not heard from them in a bit and trying desperately to recover from my feature in Time Out NY’s Gift Guide, I had sort of forgotten all about it. Then they sent a photographer out and I thought, ‘Wow, this must be the real deal.’ But, it was still a ‘possible feature’. I spent one afternoon with a great local photographer with a handful of books I’d mustered from local friends who had purchased them from me earlier in the month for gifts and had yet to distribute them (I was pretty much sold out at this point). And that was that.

A few weeks ago I finally contacted the photo editor and they let me know the article had been cut. Sad face time. So sad. All that build-up. All that possibility. I was crushed.

And then, I was reading my Google Reader and I came across Cathe Holden’s blog about HER feature in the March issue of Country Living. I thought, ‘heh, if I got cut to make room for her feature, I’m really ok with that, because hello, she’s awesome.’ So I clicked on over to Cathe’s feature in the magazine, and right there under there was a link to an article entitled ‘Etsy Sellers We Love’. And my heart sank a little, because this must have been what I was cut from. I started clicking through and nodding, thinking to myself, ‘yeah, these guys are pretty cool . . . cooler than me? yeah, I guess so . . . ‘ and then, around slide 11 I totally FREAKED OUT because, there I was, ME! Not just my book. Not just my name. Not just my business or my website. It was me AND my book AND my business AND my website. And I freaked.

Since then I discovered that three of those artists made it into the print version of the magazine and though I wasn’t one of them I’m still extremely grateful for the online feature. Heck, they even edited their mistake (which they couldn’t have done in print) by changing that I was from Bloomfield, IN to Bloomington, IN. So yeah, What’s Country Now Bitches? I am evidently;)

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