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snow day (minus the snow)

January 19, 2011

i desperately don’t want to do any work today. My fingers are dry from folding paper all night and though those signatures are now begging for me to poke holes in them and bind them, it’s just not going to happen. So, instead, I’ve just been perusing Etsy for all the things I want, and can’t have. This is a great sticker for your iPhone. It mimics the ‘old fashioned’ Holga film cameras and aside from all of the Gameboy and other geeky ones they have (evidently only geeky boys own iPhones) this is by far my FAVORITE! And, only $6.

I’ve also been listening to Pandora all afternoon (whilst the baby naps, because otherwise I’d be listening to Laurie Berkner or some such) and unfortunately haven’t been overly pleased with the choice in my station. See, I created a Pandora acct eons ago and haven’t really updated anything. I don’t listen to music too much (BLASPHEMY!) that isn’t kid/radio related, so, my stations are a bit dated. I have a Tori Amos station, a Bjork station, a Daft Punk and BT station (all the hubby there) and an Ani Difranco station. So, since I didn’t want to listen to a bunch of melancholy ‘sweet sad girls’ (that’s what my mother-in-laws calls them) I added a few different artists to the Tori station- which, in reality just made them more sweet sad girls. Ugh. Thus far this morning my station has mostly consisted of Vienna Teng, Colbie Callait, Lori McKenna, Aimee Mann, Adele, Bjork, Howie Day, Sufjan Stevens, Ani, Kris Delmhorst…do you see where I’m going with this? Not exactly uplifting music here. And now, Jason Mraz is playing. I need help.

Suggest new music. Now! 🙂 please and thank you.

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