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Domain Shmomain

December 5, 2010

I’ve been waiting like an impatient child in line at an amusement park for ‘my’ domain name to be ‘open’ this year. I thought this would be my chance. To get away from wordpress (because I hate wp’s inability to do EVERYTHING) and get my own domain name- to create a website with everything i want it do with a recognizable name. To finish (ha!) creating my ‘brand’. The domain expired in late November, but due to the Loveliness of the domain crapshoot the current owners of the domain have 75 days to figure out if they want to keep it or not. So, again, I’ve been waiting, twiddling my fingers, waiting. Then, today, they purchased the damn thing again. Gar! Nothing’s even there! They just purchased it again so I couldn’t have it! Gar and Gar again.

So, that leaves me with a new conundrum; should I just purchase a slight deviation from what I originally intended? would be more recognizable and more memorable, but I could do or or…well, you know, different things. I don’t know. Still torn. What do you think?

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