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Hang-y Art

November 9, 2010

I’m pretty sure I made that word up. I’m pretty sure I made it up because no other artist in their right mind would ever say such a thing out loud AT an art show in front of other artists. Except me.

Let me explain:

This weekend I was honored enough to have been accepted to do two art shows on the same day. Yes. Two. And, knowingly I did this. Knowingly, I agreed. So, I asked a dear friend to man my table in a neighboring town at the Deja Vu All Over Again Art Show and I, and the ‘middle child’ (I guess that’s what he’ll be known as, since he’s no longer the youngest) manned the table here in town at the Bloomington Handmade Market. Both shows took place from 10-4/5 on Saturday so there was absolutely no way on this earth I could be in both places at once, and since we’re a one-car family, I opted to do the in-town show to allow my husband to have the car while he was the babe and teen all day.

Anywho. I set up my table at Deja Vu the night before and afterward Ian (middle child) and I head up to Zaharako’s ice cream parlor for dinner at the behest of the woman in charge of Deja Vu- and man am I so glad we listened to her. Wait, I’m getting of course . . .

Fast forward to show day: We’re both having GREAT days at our shows. My dear friend continues to text me throughout the day with news of sales and awards (“I won a major award!”) (ok, not really a major award, but I won a ‘purchase award’ Blue Ribbon) and I too am having a fantastic day at Bloomington Handmade Market. Near the end of the show, when things are slow – which they are, even at the BEST shows, I get to walk around while Ian mans the booth by his lonesome (only after having stapled his own finger! – my reaction? freeze- yeah, I froze, didn’t/couldn’t think of how to get the darn thing out, so, I just pulled, which of course worked, but the poor kid). As I’m walking around I stop at a fellow artist’s table and we’re talking about just HOW GREAT our show as been. Our best yet. And she begins to talk about how good of a town Bloomington is (she’s from Indy) and I nod and smile (not because it’s not, because, no, she’s totally on to something here) and then she asks about other shows here in town.

This is where my self-proclamation as an ‘artist’ gets questioned- I reply that I don’t know of a ton of shows here- just this and the Holiday Market and Farmer’s Markets that Bloomington Parks and Rec put on- and she mentions the Arts Fair on the Square which I remember to happen in conjunction (usually) with the Taste of Bloomington in the summer (I missed the deadline this year by a week) and I LITERALLY say to her, ‘Well, it’s mostly ‘hang-y’ art’ to which I get a giggle and a smile from her booth partner and the rest of the conversation I don’t even remember because I was too busy trying to back-pedal myself out of calling fine art paintings and photography that take people years of school study work and time HANG-Y ART.

I’m awesome. What can I say?

So, all that was to say, that simply, I had the best business weekend of my life and had a great time hanging with the ‘middle child’ and afterwards with the friends who ran my booth at Deja Vu. If only every weekend could be this profitable in life Love and happiness;)

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