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Wednesday Wants

September 2, 2010

So, last week my trusty sewing machine just decided to stop working. Just stop. Right then. No warning. No smoke. No burning. No nothing. Just…stopped. Actually, I have no idea what the heck happened and it’s possible that someone could get the thing working again, but I know next to nothing about sewing machines so I called in the forces: I borrowed one from a friend.

Now see, the sewing machine I had was an ‘old’er model- maybe from the early 90’s. Not terribly old, not terribly new. It was ‘broken’ but could do the basic things I needed it to do, which was sew a decorate zigzag on my leather. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Occasionally I might sew a pillow together, but really, honestly, that’s all I was using it for. And then, it broke. So, I had a friend offer me her 1969 machine, for good, like give it to me good, but it’s a table-top machine and I just don’t have the room for anything else in this dining room/studio/office of mine. So, I declined. Another friend let me borrow her old, trusty, beautiful heavy Kenmore machine. It’s AMAZING. looking. I can’t get the darn thing to work! Well, see, I read the manual on how to load the bobbin and thread the needle. Got that down. Found out how to do a zigzag stitch and I just don’t like the result. I have no idea how to make it different. So, I called in another enforcer, another friend, who has a more recent machine. This one is lost somewhere in the dredges of her apt, but she’s promised me she’ll find it and loan it to me and that it does do a zigzag. I sure hope so, because I certainly can’t afford this:

even though it’s totally kinda what I think I want. I don’t *really* want a NEW sewing machine because I’ve heard so many awful things about them and that older machines are better and yadayada, BUT this one has an embroidery option!!! Can you imagine the possibilities!

Well, that’s all I can write for now because the baby has a cold and won’t sleep and sewing machines don’t buy themselves. Till we meet again.

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  1. September 2, 2010 4:55 am

    Oh, I am looking forward to reading how you will solve that. I, too, am hesitating to buy a new one just now, – and want it to do similar things like you, it seems.

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