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Keeping busy with custom (busy) work

July 30, 2010

So the past few weeks have just flown by, but not really in a good way. (It needs to be said I just tried to type ‘flewn’, that’s how tired I am.) And it’s funny, I look at the calendar to try and see what all we’ve been doing, to come up with some excuse as to why I’ve been so busy, and there’s like, nothing there. Oh wait, wrong month! Ha! I fooled myself there for a minute.

This month has been spent: the first week of July, aside from the normal 4th festivities, the hubs was out of town/country in Madrid for business (a trip we paid for out of pocket and we’re STILL waiting for the reimbursement three weeks out); at the end of the week was the Homespun: modern handmade opening to which I attended with friend and babe; next it was time to cart the kids off to GA to spend a few days and leave one behind for their annual week of summer with the grandparents; a mere few days after that drop off it was time to pick one up and drop another off and then drive north to my baby brother’s 9th birthday; then there was the Handmade Promenade this past Tuesday; Griffin’s FIRST birthday (yesterday) this Sunday; followed by his first photo shoot, getting ready for the Irvington Walk in the Park on the 21st of August; paying dues to Strange Folk and IHE for their upcoming shows; attending a wedding of a dear dear childhood friend mid-August (a mere four hours away); and finally, preparing for a deluge of shows starting September 18th and flowing into Christmas.


Custom iPad CaseIn the meantime, I’ve managed to finish two custom iPad cases that I’m just so happy with in the end. It was tough work, especially since we don’t have an iPad and I was brutally afraid I was going to get kicked out of Best Buy for first tracing the iPad numerous time for measurements and template-ing and then photographing the heck out of them when trying to make sure they fit into my finished books *fingers crossed*. And all worked out well.

In the next week they will be in the hands of their owners and I really hope they are as happy with them as I am.

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  1. July 30, 2010 6:44 pm

    Isn’t it just amazing how time flies? It seems like summer is the busiest time ever!

    Love the iPad cases and glad you didn’t get arrested or anything at Best Buy;-)

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