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Late but not forgotten

June 29, 2010

So, not last weekend, but the weekend before (and maybe now even the weekend before because I’m so darn far behind!) (June 12) I was lucky enough to take part in my very first (summer) INDIEana Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis. And I’m just getting around to writing about it. Yes, I know, la-zy. But, seriously, I’m still recovering! It was HOT HOT HOT that weekend. The humidity was typical Indiana I suppose. But, still, it was hot and I was outside. ‘Nuff said.

Anywho, I spent most of my day here, in my tent, trying to stay cool with a $16 fan/water sprayer bought at Walt Disney World a mere 5 years ago(!). I had dear friends both help set me up and take me down. And take me down did we;) I’ll get to that.

my booth

So, the day started well. I, of course, arrived early- meaning, before my help. And thus got a BUCK parking place (directly behind my booth space). I started to unload and set up my tent and just finished setting it up alone when my darling helpers (thanks Nicole and Meg!) arrived. I worked on delegating and they fussed with safety pins and t-shirt totes. I think we managed quite well. Once they gave me a potty break it was off to brunch for them and time for me to take a seat, relax, and enjoy the tunes that were being played a half block away.

About mid-day my second-shift helper arrived;) Thea kept me company and brought me lunch and greeted customers with that beautiful smile! My family arrived just after her and took part in the festivities as well. It was a wee bit hot outside (ok, read scorching and humid) so my mother-in-law and the babe found a nice seat inside the Harrison Center and watched some musicians practice while the babe crawled all around the floor (see picture below)! My father-in-law took a few pics inside since I was only able to do a brief walk-through.

my help

But, enough about me and mine!! Seriously, let’s get to the good stuff!!

Well, this fair was no different than the others when it comes to meeting amazingly friendly and talented people. Next to me this year was Miss Misty of Curat. Her packaging is simply to DIE FOR! Seriously. It’s funny though, (this little anecdote will only take a minute) when she started setting up I nearly had a heart attack and wanted to go attack Miss Amanda because Misty was setting up all these hardcover books all over her table. I thought, ‘now, c’mon, why on earth would she purposefully put another bookmaker RIGHT next to me!’ I was mortified! And then, she brought out the soap, and all was right with the world. Anywho, seriously, her soap is to die for. Curat is ‘soap’ in Bulgarian, and her story behind her soap is just as entertaining as she is! No joke! She is one fine saleslady. And then, to top that all of, her beautiful packaging, her wonderful display, her killer personality- she gave me free soap! FREE! Did you hear me? Free! Yeah, when she was packing up she came and dropped off a few bars, saying thank you for giving her change earlier in the day. Completely unnecessary but I’m so completely thankful! And you know, she did good, because next time I’ll BUY from her;)

And even though I didn’t get much of a chance this year to get out and check out the other wares- my family did, and they brought home some super cool things! Let’s see, first, my daughter Loves Paper Acorn. When we were at this Spring’s Bloomington Handmade Market she bought a beautiful something (my memory fails me!) and this time around she bought this super cute little birdie box! So delicate and so precious and just plain beautiful! My personal favorite are their namesake; the paper acorn. I just Love the colors!

Next on the list were the mandatory paper mustaches. I can’t even spell that word. It should totally be mou- but whatever. I can’t find a photo or honestly, remember where these came from (any help?) but they sure were a hit in our family as I think we came home with 4 of them! Then, it was cute finger puppets from Abbey Christine! My personal favorite is the Lloyd Dobler one (pictured here) but as my 15 year old has a wee bit different taste than I, she bought a super cute walrus (my SECOND favorite animal behind the hippo btw).

Clearly my daughter was the one with the most dough to spend and the most energy to get around and see all the booths because she also bought this t-shirt from The Bare Tree. I, being the old person this time, don’t get it, but she’s worn it probably a dozen times already so it’s definitely getting its use;) Also, this might be one of the nicest guys I’ve met doing craft shows. I mean, I think it’s a fairly female dominated community, which isn’t bad, (and maybe I’m wrong) but he’s the bees knees– or something like that. I mean, we had a nice short conversation and I’ll remember that because I’m odd like that. Also, he has like super awesome giveaways like, a lot, so you should be a fan! on Facebook😉

Moving on . . . what else did I not buy but someone else I know and Love did and I want to share . . . oh right! My partner in crime for the day bought this super sweet awesomely beautiful hanging wind chime made from recycled wine bottles! (from Pedal Power Creations, right here in B-town) Seriously? Did you know something so cool and beautiful could be made from your stupor the night before? And she bought these:

A set of four tumblers also made from wine bottles! What I Love about these tumblers is their heft and their color. They even survived the packing up after the storm!

Oh right- I didn’t get to that yet!

Well, this got a little long, ok, a lot long. Let’s just say a storm set in about 30 minutes before it was time to go, and since I’m a stickler for ‘rules,’ even the unwritten ones, I wanted to stick around until ‘close’. Well, that didn’t happen. Thea took one look at the radar on her phone and I started shoving books into boxes. We somehow managed to fit two six-foot tables, three book-shelves, two rubbermaid containers, a tent, three tarps, two chairs, and numerous sundries AND ourselves and what she bought into a sedan in about 20 minutes, just before the rain.

We’ll be ready next time. Maybe;)

Thanks all who came to my booth and paid me a visit and to all who read this far into this much too long entry.

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  1. July 1, 2010 8:48 pm

    Your booth looks great! Congrats on surviving the show and the weather;)

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