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rain rain plz stay away?!

June 10, 2010

Yesterday I spent most of my day (carrying the baby around) setting up my table(s) for my very first INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, which just so happens to be this Saturday from 12-8 in Indianapolis. It’s definitely gotten easier (the setting up of the table, not the carrying of the baby) the more I’ve done it, so I still like to set up a mock table just so I know exactly what I want when I get there in the morning, sleep deprived, stressed, nervous, and feeling like it’s my first day at work at a new job where I know no one and no one likes me. Not to say that’s the case, that’s just the ball of nerves in my stomach when I get to a new show. Someday, I hope, this feeling will go away;)

So, I made a new(ish) sign- out of the backs of old greeting cards and some matte board. (The next sign I make will be out of pages of board books painted over with gesso and decorated/aged, but the same idea only sturdier.) And I’ve decided to only individually price my leather journals and overall price other groups of books to make things easier (namely my life so I don’t have to write out a gazillion (192) price tags!) : hollowed vintage book safes, upcycled vintage notebooks, mini photo albums, baby books, mini leather books and stamped notebooks. Funny though, my table looked GREAT before I set out all the signs to price these groups of books, and then, when I placed the pieces of cardboard with the prices of the various types it suddenly looked so cluttered. Ahh well, you live you learn. I did learn not to place my bookmark price tags until day of show though, because they get all bent in transport. See? Lesson learned:)

So, these are from my first three shows- and oh how my table has changed!

The first is from Bloomington Handmade Market Winter 2009, my very first show! I took a bookcase and a suitcase and tried my best to look professional. I don’t think it worked. If I’d followed my mock up table it would have been better (sans knits, throw books in suitcase), but alas, you learn!

The second is from a holiday show not too long after the first BHM, the IHE Holiday Hoopla. This time I was doing the show alone, well, loading and unloading alone, and so I opted out of the large book case and suitcase and instead went for small plastic containers. Which, would have worked well if they didn’t have rounded bottoms. Books don’t have rounded bottoms do they? Nope. Didn’t think so. But, I had no height.

That leads us to number three, BHM Spring 2010. My wonderful step-dad made me this to die for shelf to display my books on out of some old wood and a small tree. It gave me height and ambiance. LOVE! My table, however, was still overflowing.

So, that leads us to a preview (another one, just more close-up this time) of my table for this Saturday. I had another shelf made to display my leather books and purchased some awesome shallow wooded containers (with square bottoms) to hold other books. I quite like it I think. Do you?


With all that being said, it’s supposed to not only rain on Saturday, but storm. Yes, sweet people, storm. And not only does this mean ha! for crowds, but it means ha! for me because I’m outside, in a tent, that not so subtly says it’s not waterproof. Seriously? Isn’t that the whole idea of a tent? To be waterproof? Whatever. I’ll be surrounded by good people and plastic (you know, a tarp to keep us dry) so all shall not be lost right? RIGHT!

Wish me (us all) luck;)

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