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Ready for the weekend

May 27, 2010

It’s been in the plans now for a few weeks that I would go spend the next 5 days with my family ‘up north’. Me and the babe that is. I knew it was coming. Like I said, it’s been in the plans. But, still, staring at the calendar didn’t exactly prepare me for being gone for nearly a week, away from my work, and all the stuff I still need to get done before IHE.

I told myself I would ready a few more leather books to round out my rather small inventory of 14 and would then call it quits. Before this, I probably have/had about 150 books (not just leather obviously) in inventory, but I felt/feel the need to have a few more higher priced items in my booth. So, I set out to do just that. I cut down some leather to make about 5 ‘chunky’ journals, as I feel those are the most attractive and I have none in my inventory since the one I made sold almost immediately. Well, that of course left some scrap, so I decided to use up the scrap and finish off some more mini leather books. Somehow, I’m not really sure how, that left me with about 18 leather books to bind and finish. Again, I’m not really sure how that happened. . . .

So, I set off to complete this mission. I really wanted to get all of these books finished before I left for the weekend. That way, while I’m away, I wouldn’t have to worry about what was left for me back home. Well . . . yeah. That didn’t happen. I did finish a few (a few more than can be seen in the picture), but boy did I not finish all of them by a long shot. In fact, I only completely finished TWO! So, suffice it to say, while I’m away, though I will be enjoying myself getting to see a brother I’ve only spoken to through letters for the past 10 1/2 months and showing my growing big boy (who’s CRAWLING) to not only him (who’s never seen him!) but also my parents; I will also be thinking about all the work that’s left for me at home. But hey, who knows, while I’m away maybe I’ll come up with some new ideas on how to finish these babies off! Like this one! It’s my first leather journal that holds your writing utensil!

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