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Tired is as tired does sir

May 18, 2010

Sometimes I forget to mention things. I forget to mention each week that I’m featured on a fabulous blog thanks to the BESTeam! I forget to mention that I’m busy preparing for my last two shows of the summer, and yet the summer has just begun. I forget to mention I’m exhausted and wearing thin and therefore, have taken a break from making books (for a few minutes) to make some eco-friendly bags to carry with me to said shows- and of course, sell in case anyone else wants to be eco-friendly with me. 🙂 A certain little man will be helping me with these starting this weekend. And I’m excited. Stupid excited about making something other than books, because, though I Love making books, it’s become a bit redundant- having made over 50 new creations in the last month. No, they aren’t listed as the daunting task of photographing them in this rainy ass weather has proven, well, daunting. Excuse my French. I need a breather.

Oh, yes, and as I was saying, I keep forgetting things- and I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention that back before Craftgawker went from being a self promoting whore to a place where we can share ideas- I was finally accepted. You can see my book here! 🙂

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