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Moon Angel Art

May 12, 2010

Naomi Morgan is a mom, blogger, and artist, and I really think these beautiful photographs speak for themselves when writing a feature on her (Moon Angel Art) for my BESTeam feature this week. Don’t you? The detail in this shot is amazing and I simply Love the dichotomy between the spring/summer red rose and the ice hiding inside.

And then there’s this amazing square format ttv print of a rose that beautifully vintage and modern at the same time. So precious, so gentle, so sweet and simple. I personally Love both square format photos and ttv photos. I’ve found ttv photos to be somewhat of a personal hindrance simply because walking around with my digital camera pointed downward into an old Kodak Duaflex while juggling a baby, a stroller, a diaper bag, a purse, and who knows what else…well, you get the point. And these are done so well, who needs another amateur out there doing it? Not me!

Naomi also has some wonderful ACEO which are GORGEOUS (though, if someone would someday explain to me what exactly an ACEO is that would be fantastic!). And these WONDERFUL phototablet polymer clay photo pendants! Woah! I LOVE these! I’ve never seen anything like these before! They also carry glass tile pendants for those that want a photo that’s a little smaller and more petite around one’s neck, but these phototablets are AMAZING! I’m so excited to have found these in Moon Angel Art’s shop! I was just so impressed with all the photography I had just scrolled by the jewelry and woah, that would have been a mistake!

It would be a mistake, too, if you didn’t stop by the shop and see how much you’ll Love their stuff too! You can find their blog, shop, and twitter😉 Go, now, Go!

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