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Turquoise Angels

May 3, 2010

I’m trying to get on the ball and get my feature done this week before, well, before later in the week. So, I’m starting today. Woohoo! I’m on the ball.

This week I’m featuring Turquoise Angels. Angels is a beautiful shoppe that features mostly these gorgeous handmade colorful tutus for little girls, but also dresses and the newly designed Mommy and Me screen printed shirts. The tutus are absolutely adorable! I could definitely see squeezing Griffin into one if my dad wouldn’t absolutely murder me! But they are sOO cute!

Anywho. More about Turquoise Angels;) They are a mother daughter team out to change the world one tutu at a time. Ok, not really. Sorry, I’m a little snarky this morning. Something about too much sleep and not enough rest or something. But the part about them being a mother daughter team is totally true. They make hand tied tutus, cotton dresses, screen printed garments and hair accessories. They also happen to have a great blog where they not only feature BEST team members, but also share in various treasuries that they’re in/have created.

If you have a little girl- or know someone who does- you should definitely go take a gander:

and of course, the Shop!

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  1. May 7, 2010 12:04 pm

    These girls are so darling! If I had been a “girlie” girl, I would have loved all of these designs! So colorful and princess-like! Great feature!

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