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library cards

April 9, 2010

library cards

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will write more later- the baby is not happy with me. but this is what i did today thank to a friend’s vintage typewriter and some library envelopes i bought online:)

So, I’m back. Baby is in daddy’s arms and I have a few minutes to write. Well, I’ve wanted something for awhile to place inside my upcycled notebooks to hold my information/business card/price tag, but I couldn’t find or make anything that really sufficed. Then, whilst in conversation with a consignment opportunity it came to mel: LIBRARY POCKETS! I mean, it totally makes sense right? I’m taking old library books (for the most part) and turning them into blank notebooks. It certainly makes sense to place library envelopes inside the front cover to hold any of my pertinent information. Well, the problem then became finding such things. Sure, I could make them. I have a template actually from a book sitting on my shelf, but you know what- I already have too much on my list right now, I can’t sit down and make 50 library pockets. I just, I can’t. So, I searched a bit, emailed an etsy seller, who then directed me to to find them in bulk. I was so excited! Of course, I didn’t get them in time for my craft fair last weekend, but oh well, they came in the mail on Monday and that works just fine!

So, today, I borrowed a typewriter so I could type my information on the card. I was torn. What should I include? The name of the book and the author? My website/etsy store/blog/facebook/twitter/email? All of the above? I wasn’t sure. But then, the typewriter decided for me! I couldn’t get the envelopes loaded in the ‘right’ way so I had to roll them in sideways which really mostly only allowed me to type in my etsy address, and you know what- that’s ok. I like the way it looks. I also Love that this old typewriter (an olivettie hecho in mexico) dirties up the envelopes quite nicely when it’s rolling around inside. I LOVE it! Then I stamped each one with my dear stamp (bought from Sweet Papery) and adhered them to the inside covers of my upcycled notebooks and my hollowed books. There they will hold my business card and price tag/book mark and in the future whatever the book’s new owner decides. Perfection.

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  1. April 10, 2010 1:32 am

    I love this post! What a creative idea! The cards look fantastic!

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