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Hollow thoughts and hollow books

April 7, 2010

Time for a little self-promotion I think. I mean, it is time for a little self promotion that is. Week before last I spent the week at my folks house and took a few (I think 8 total) books with me with the intention of turning them into hollowed out books. Well, I intended well, because these are what I came out with.

The first six books I was able to work on were all 1907 vintage texts entitled Library of Southern Literature. They were rescued from an untimely demise and mostly workable. Three of the books were un-helpable (water damage, mold, etc) but six were in rather great condition for being over 100 years old. It was truly hard for me just to start hacking away at these books because they are such a piece of history. I had to save some part of them, simply to be moral or something. So, I went through and tore out all of the illustrations that were inside the books. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I knew I had to save something from inside.

Amongst all of those illustrations I found George Washington, Edgar Allen Poe, Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Jackson, and Robert E. Lee. Scattered throughout were also interesting illustrations of buildings from the past as well.

Once the books were glued and hollowed I had planned on simply using the endsheets of the original books as their backdrop. After all it was a pretty beautiful goldenrod page of flowers, I felt it seemed appropriate (and I did leave two this way), but then, when it came down to it, I realized the right thing to do would be to place these illustrations of these famous southern authors as the backdrop. A sort of picture frame almost.

Those were the first six. Then, I came across a couple of Reader’s Digest Collection volumes in my grandmother’s attic and before I left my parent’s house I went ahead and glued and hollowed these out as well. I did the same thing with the search for images and found a super sweet image of a father and son along with a beautifully frightening image of a black horse and voila! Mother and Father’s Day gifts on the way!

So, this is my new series of hollowed books. So many people at the Handmade Market this weekend Loved them and laughed that they’d never actually seen one in person and to that I say, ‘buy!’.

G’day folks.

Oh, and don’t forget, if you’re a Facebook Fan today is the last day I’m offering 20% at my store if you use a promo code located on my Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

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