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out of focus

April 2, 2010

All day long I’ve been cutting price tags, folding paper, sewing books, and sending Jim (the hubs) on errands to buy: double-sided tape, wooden yard sticks, little paper bags. . . you name it, I’ve sent him out to get it. I drew up my inventory list (roughly 63 items plus miscellaneous items) and created a baby book order form. I priced every last one of my books, stamped them, double-checked them and triple-checked them. I fixed my display stand that was made from reclaimed wood this last week and I created a new sign to hang on the front of my tablecloth. I packed my lunch for tomorrow. Not to mention the two loads of regular laundry, the one load of diapers, the feeding and changing and entertaining of the baby, the cooking of breakfast and lunch, the entertaining of children and family, and of course, the watching of some needed television (ha!). And I’m bloody worn out.

I took a few pictures of my mock set-up table for tomorrow at the Bloomington Handmade Market. They all turned out horribly as I think my camera was still set on ‘macro’ from trying to photograph all the remaining items I had yet to photograph. Ahh yes, so they’re out of focus. So, guess you’ll have to wait until tomorrow (or the day after that) to see what my new display looks like. I’d like to say that my display has grown leaps and bounds from my first three shows. Yes. Yes indeed. But so has my work. I think. I like to think. Here’s to the show!

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  1. April 3, 2010 1:08 am

    Sounds like a crazy busy day! Good luck at the show:)

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