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Playing catch-up on fast-forward

March 31, 2010

These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, let me tell you! When I found out I got into the Spring version of BHM, I couldn’t have been more excited. And, then, I remembered how much work goes into a show, and how much work I needed to get done in a little more than four weeks, and my mind just sort of went blank. But then, I got my stuff together, took a handful of scrap leather and folded pages to GA and enjoyed our spring break. That was week before last. I finished seven books, including the one shown, and have listed most of them in the few days I’ve been home since.

Then, a few days after we returned home from GA I decided to go spend a week with my folks. They miss the baby and don’t get to spend nearly enough time with him, so I figured I was doing a good deed;) I took along some sweet vintage books ‘found’ while in GA and set to work gluing and hollowing out. I hadn’t had time to prepare pages and leather to bring on this trip, so instead my modus operandi was to get 6 hollowed books finished in the week up north. I finished 8! Pics soon to come.

And now, I sit here with a to-do list of over 20 items, including pricing, organizing, grocery shopping, and spring cleaning just to mention a few, and the BHM is only three days away! I shouldn’t be here blogging, I’ll tell you that right now! See ya;)

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