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HeartFelt 4 Kids

February 27, 2010

So, I fell behind on my ‘feature Thursday’ blog, but by golly I’m making it up today if it’s the last thing I do! I think I spent most of my computer time on Thursday perusing the Etsy forums and wasting time on Twitter, and I would say it was really all a waste of time, but then, on one forum post I came across this Lovely shop and it reminded me that ‘hello, time to do your feature’! Which, was good, but bad, because the baby had woken up by then and Momma’s computer time was way over.

So, without further adieu- HeartFelt 4 Kids.
Is that not the cutest child’s cape you’ve ever seen in your whole life? Seriously? More and more I’m sad (and glad) that I didn’t have a baby girl upon which to gift these beautiful items I keep finding (glad because I could never afford to have had a baby girl if I keep finding these beautiful items)! They are just . . . well, beautiful. There’s really no other word for it. I Love the detail on this particular cape, and the colors, but there are many more to choose from at the HeartFelt store. But not only do they have these wonderful capes (which are my favorite item) they have jackets and coats and muffs and hats, jumpers and EVEN backpacks! I guess it’s just the embroidery that makes the items so amazing, so stunning really and one of a kind. I’m not a sewer myself, so any amount of expertise in that area generally impresses me, this is more than that.

These items bring back a childlike wonder. Too many ‘things’ nowadays make our children grow up too quickly (Halloween costumes for example) and I like to think these items hearken back to a day when our children maintained their innocence and their beauty.

Become a Fan on Facebook or simply go peruse the shop. Either way, take a look because they truly are one of a kind pieces.

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