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February 16, 2010

So, today I sit back and think about what it is I want to write about. What do I want to share with the world (the very small world who might come across this blog) and I think about how dreadfully cold it is outside, how awful the NINE inches of snow we received last night are and how much I really really REALLY want this winter to be over with and I want to escape to a beach near the equator just long enough to get at least my toes warm. Just my toes, that’s all I’m asking. But, alas, the reality is that the groundhog did or did not see his shadow, whichever means that we have six more weeks of this nonsense to live through, and I’m ‘stuck’ here, sewing new leather books, gluing new vinyl books, feeding a six month old prunes for the first time (don’t ever do that btw, unless he REALLY needs to poo) and watching reruns of Desperate Housewives while waiting for a new episode to suddenly appear.

But, in the mix of all that, all that horribleness to a certain extent (not the crafting or the baby of course) I find Homespun. I find these two very deserving people who are trying to open a store in the Indy area; “to help revive Indianapolis’ east side, to serve as the hub of Indiana’s artisan community, to offer low-cost arts education to our community, to help working artists support themselves” and I find myself uplifted in a way. To see these people working toward something so . . . so, amazing. I can’t really find another word for it really. Just, amazing.

“Amanda Mauer Taflinger is a photographer, art teacher, and the owner of the successful bi-annual INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. Metromix Indy named her of 50 people who made Indianapolis a more interesting place in the last decade. Her dream is to help artists turn hobbies into careers.”

Seriously, how can you not support something like that? How can you not especially when it takes you all of FIVE seconds to click on this link and vote. See, only the top ten ideas get the grant money, the 5K, each month, and this is our month, well, their month! So, please vote. Please vote for Homespun not because I think it will benefit me, but because it will benefit the community, and even though I don’t live in Indy, it would be a great benefit in general. And they only have until the end of this month- that’s only two more weeks- and they’re down to 7th place, below sending Girl Scout Cookies to the troops overseas and providing diapers to those who can’t afford them- which are both GREAT causes, don’t get me wrong . . . ok, my baby is waking, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead. And you know, troops overseas can still receive those girl scout cookies- we just need to stay in the top ten;)

Vote !

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  1. February 16, 2010 7:07 pm

    I just voted! Definitely a good idea:)

  2. talia permalink*
    February 16, 2010 7:43 pm

    Thanks so much! It’s such a great idea, vote every day if you think about it;)

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