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Lock It Up in Your ♥

February 11, 2010

Today I’m working on a custom wedding guest book/scrapbook that I’ve been building in my head for weeks. Weeks I tell you, weeks. I bought the remaining materials this morning after dropping Frog off at work and Finn got to ride in a buggy (cart) for the first time! Now, before I start *really* working on it, getting down and dirty you know, I wanted to post my “Feature of the Week” which will be all about lockets, and about more than one seller, because honestly, you can never have enough lockets;) Well, I can’t seem to have enough lockets. Well, actually, I don’t have any lockets at all, which is why I’m creating this feature in the first place. See, this is how it started out- last week —

I was looking around Etsy trying to find something for Frog for V-day, which was fast approaching. And then, I realized, I hadn’t really *hinted* at anything for him to get me (aside from an orchid, which I think I’ve asked for every year since we got married- but who’s counting really- and really, our cats would probably eat it anyway, or I’d kill it, and you can’t really kill a locket- oh wait, I’m not there yet) so, I started looking around at lockets, on Etsy. Because, well, I’ve always Loved lockets. Always. Really, who doesn’t? Well, there are probably lots of people out there that don’t, but when you’re me you can’t possibly not Love lockets. First, I Love photography, B, I Love my baby and lastly I kinda like big gaudy necklaces. No no no, I’m not saying lockets are gaudy, I just like big gaudy necklaces. Anywho, gaudy in this case would be a positive adjective, not a negative one;) So- yes. Here we go, that is how this started, and now, to see the actual lockets, the beauties, the things I can’t live without because, hello, they are beautiful!

I searched and searched and searched and I really thought what I wanted was a vintage locket. I wanted something that looked old (I thought) and aged and beautiful and really, I couldn’t find any that really spoke to me. And then, I came upon this beauty. Seriously? Locket, tree, bird- all in one? And it’s silver to boot. Oh noes- I just went back and I swear I didn’t see this before, and now birdsNbeez has this beautiful swirly tree listed- only, it’s not a locket, but hello, RIGHT up my alley! I really Love this store and if I had all the money in the world (and wore more jewelry than my current ‘teething bling’ and occasionally my pandora bracelet) well, I’d be buying left and right! They have some beautiful lockets that are not only beautiful, but different than any I’ve seen before: some steampunk designs it seems, some vintage, some modern- just, beautiful all around.

But, then I decided, for me, I needed something I could wear everyday- that the Baby could get a hold of and not break (like my teething bling) and I was watching iCarly (yes) with the kids and Sam (a character on iCarly;)) was wearing what looked to be a locket on a realllllly long chain that was quite large- like half dollar large. And that’s what I decided to look for. A BIG locket. A LARGE locket. A GAUDY locket so to speak;) And so I found two that are winners in that department, for me. I only had to scroll down to about page 5 on Etsy after searching “big locket” and I found this amazing specimen of a vintage locket by BeadsByEvelyn. I’m pretty sure it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Large and in charge. Vintage. Long necklace. Check. Check. Check. But, not 100% quite yet. So, I’m still on the search. But I also found this Lovely vintage locket by FreshyFig’s on Etsy and if I weren’t scared to death of hot air balloons and didn’t feel like a fake wearing it because of that, it would totally be mine. But alas, both of those things are true, so, the search is still on. And of course, it’s ♥ Day time, almost, and my guess is that quite a few of these lockets will be gone by the time I make up my mind, so if you like any of them as much as I do, but have a quicker time on deciding things, well, get on it!

Resources and Other Great Lockets:
birdsNbeez Etsy Store
BeadsByEvelyn Etsy Store
FreshyFig Etsy Store
Make your Own Locket Kit
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  1. February 24, 2010 4:45 am

    I’m sighing and smiling and sighing again at all these wonderful lockets. It would be nice to wear a different one everyday but then…you’d lose that special quality of the one that’s only yours and dear to you. Sighing Again,

    ~Karleigh Jae

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