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down time

February 4, 2010

I think that sometimes, I spent too much time online looking at other’s wares. Sure, I tell myself I learn from them, that I can make myself better because of them, but really, they kinda just make me feel like shite. Sorry, it’s true. It’s pity party time here on Conduit Press and that’s never really happened before. Why now? Because I suppose the winter weather is getting to me and it’s getting around to Spring Craft Fair season and I simply don’t feel good enough. That’s all. Not good enough.

Prowling around etsy today I found this store and I don’t even know where to begin. Honestly, I really try not to look at other bookmaker’s shops on etsy because I know it just gets me down in the dumps, but when books ever so occasionally show up on the front page treasuries, I always take a gander. Sometimes, not often, I just nod and say, ‘yeah, that’s cool, but so is what I make’ and other times I just want to stop doing what I’m doing because, well, there are so many other people out there that do it so much better. I’m not sure what gets me more though, the sheer perfection of her product (I don’t even know that it’s a her) or the fact that she’s had 223 sales! I think it’s that really. Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s just that, like I tell my mother all the time, I (we- my mother and I) don’t value my (our) work. Grr. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that I know I can do better. Perhaps. That’s what I’ll tell myself anyway.

Ok, enough of that. That’s no fun at all. I’m not creating anything new lately because, well, I’ve been in the middle of listing everything I made for the holiday craft fairs and trying to write in Griffin’s baby book AND his letter book- which, reminds me, I need to write his Six Month Newsletter. Better get on that. Priorities and all! 🙂

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