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Love Tree – Linocut Stamped Cards

January 22, 2010

Love Tree – Linocut Stamped Cards

Originally uploaded by Conduit_Press

On a complete and utter whim, I made these cards the other day. See, this was one of the first ‘tree’ lino’s I had attempted back in the day and I didn’t really like the way it turned out. I hadn’t sketched it out beforehand and thus, the way it resembles a heart, was totally an accident. It was just supposed to be a swirly tree. Anywho, I’d never used it before and since V-day was/is coming fast upon us, I figured, hey, why not use it? And I did. And within moments my first set sold! Amazing. I’ve never had anything sell so quickly before. And then, this morning, while Griffin was playing happily on his mat, I made two more sets and listed one just after 10 and lo and behold it was sold by noon. I’m excited. I know V-day is a CARD holiday, so, I’m thinking I should make a few more . . . it’s a nice change of pace from gluing and binding all day;)

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