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New Stuff and Progress

October 25, 2009

So, I’ve been hard hard HARD at work creating these past few weeks and finally, this weekend, I’ve made progress that I can actually show you. Not that I will be showing you right now, because that would involve taking photos of the items I completed and that’s simply not going to happen right now, but, for now I can at least document that I got some things done, and that makes me DARN happy;)

Large Photo AlbumsFirst, while I was at my parents house with Griffin a couple of weeks ago I started working on the covers for six photo albums. That’s about the only thing I completed while there for the week, but it certainly helped, because I already had the pages ready so this weekend all that needed to be done was the sewing and the hole punching- which got done! Yay!

Quarter Size Blank JournalsSecondly, I had three (what I call) ‘quarter size’ books to bind and finish the covers of. Yesterday I glued the covers and endsheets and sewed the text block, and today I bound them together. Three more books finished. Woohoo!

Now, I have one ‘large’ book bound that simply needs its cover completed and connected, and I have another that needs to be sewn and the same done to it. Not too bad.

Then, after that, I have one coptic bound book I need to work on that should take too long since the pages are punched, as well as the covers, and the covers are completed. Again, not too bad;)

After all of those (a total of 12 books) I plan on working on some simpler designs with some handmade paper and variations of stab-bindings, using some sticks perhaps (like, chop-stick bindings) and some recycled papers.

I started making an ‘inventory’ list last night of all the books I have complete and ready to sell next month . . .

oh, did I mention I was accepted into the Bloomington Handmade Market at the Waldron on Nov. 21 (our fifth anniversary btw)!!!!

and the list is already over 40 strong (!) which is quite exciting. Even if I sell nothing at the Market (*knock on wood* that this isn’t the case) at least I’ll have a GIANT stock for the Holiday Season:) See, there’s always a silver lining.

Now now, to bind that last ‘large’ book and then photograph a few maybe. Perhaps I’ll update this post with images, you just never know.


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